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World Cup memories…

The World Cup is now done and dusted for another four years. What was your favourite memory of the tournament?

Remember we are now only 46 stickers away from completing the Panini sticker album so please keep bringing those stickers in!

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed the amazing goals because some of the goals like Germanys were amazing.

  2. lewkas Reply

    I liked all germany goals

  3. Lucas Reply

    I enjoyed James Rodriguez’s goal against Uruguay.(:

  4. Ella Reply

    I really enjoyed the first match of Belgium and all the goals in it.

  5. Onett Perera Reply

    I loved all the matches especially the final as that match
    was the decider of the winner in the world cup,
    I can’t wait until the next world cup.

  6. Manon Reply

    I enjoyed the matches that got at least 1 goal in the game.I also enjoyed the final.

  7. reuben pugh Reply

    My favorite moment was the Robin Van Persies diving header against Spain in the first round. It was amazing and his technique beautifully. I was breathtaking.

  8. stan Reply

    I prefer playing football rarver than watching it but I enjoed it.

  9. ben Reply

    Brazil v Germany was incredible Brazil 1 Germany 7 i can not wait for another world cub.

  10. Ella Reply

    I also liked the goals in Germany v Brazil!:)

  11. Mollie Reply

    It was amazing when Germany scored in the final and they beat Brazil 7-1!I can’t believe we only need a few more stickers to complete the fifa world cup album.

  12. Millie Reply

    I didn’t really watch any of it as I’m not that interested in football!

  13. lucy Reply

    My memories of the world cup were when Germany beat Brazil 7-1!The match was amazing and extremely surprising!

  14. Betsy Leach Reply

    my most memorable moment was when Germany scored 7 goals against Brazil who scored 1 goal!

  15. Helen Reply

    I loved the moment when Germany won 7-1 to Brazil.

  16. Sam Salter Reply

    I really enjoyed the 2014 FIFA world cup and I can’t believe the efforts for the sticker album.I am also going to bring in some stickers!I supported Greece and I still think they did very well even tho they got knockout.

  17. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I rely engoyd all the gowls but I dident layc all the BAYTING!

  18. Harry Metcalf Reply

    My favorite memory of the tourtement was when Germany beat Grazil 7 1 to Germany.

  19. Charlie Reply

    I liked some of Germanys goals they were awsome

  20. minnie Reply

    I have lost against germany in the finals as I am argentina . I have enjoyed being in it, lasting until the finals!!

  21. Joe A Reply

    My favorite memory of the world cup is when Germany beet A Argentina in the final [:

  22. Shannon Reply

    I loved Brasil v Crotia beacuse it was 3-1 to Brasil yeah(good look next time Crotia!!)

  23. Sara Reply

    The best matches that i watched were : Germany v Brazil and
    Germany v Argentina.

  24. Joseph Williams Reply

    I thurrily enjoyed watching the highlights of the Brazil Germany match. I can’t believe the score line … 7-1!

    Brazil must have been so gutted to loose such a deverstaiting score!

  25. Sara Reply

    I really enjoyed the amazing.
    I wish that Ghana will win next time (i am ceding ).

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