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Famous People

As we’ve started our new topic on Famous People this week, I wanted to ask if you have ever met anyone famous? If not, who would you most like to meet and why?!

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I have met Terry Deary in Waterstones. I also would have liked to meet Kurt Cobain because he was the lead singer and guitarist of my favourite band.

  2. Edward Reply

    I would love to meet Mark Addy because he’s a fabulous actor plus he lives nearby my grandma.

  3. Ellie b Reply

    I have Met Beth Tweddle and Christopher Dean.

  4. huw Reply

    I have met Derek Landy in waterstones and he was signing books

  5. indie Reply

    Once I was in town with my mum and across the road there was Adam Ant so me and my mum had a picture taken with him.
    I also got a Christmas card from the cast of birds of a feather.

  6. leo Reply

    i would love to meet jimmy page because he is an amazing guitarist and i love playing the guitar aswell

  7. Leila Reply

    I haven’t met anyone famous but one of my mums friends has met Miranda Heart and Rowan Atkinson. I would like to meet them too because I like to watch their TV programs and movie

  8. Lauren M Reply

    I have never met anyone famous but if I was to meet someone then it would be Ariana Grande.

  9. Max.P Reply

    I met a footballer on a plane to Turkey, but I can’t remember his name.

  10. Amy Reply

    I’ve met my favourite band singers “One Direction” I was really glad because they are my favourite band of all time.I met them back stage and they gave me a autograph.

    I would also want to meet skydoesminecraft because he is a awesome you-tuber and he is brilliant at them.He nearly has 10 Million subscribers.

  11. oliver Reply

    I have met a famous Olympic swimmer called CrisCook and he was a very nice man and he was very cind and it was a grate experience to meet a Olympic swimmer that I watched.

  12. Euan Reply

    I would like to meet Terry Deary because he writes amazing books.

  13. Toby Reply

    I’ve once bumped into Louis Walsh’s stomach after leaving Wagamamas! It was slightly awkward in the middle of the street but at least it left a story to tell!

  14. Ellie.P Reply

    I met Jenette Mccurdy in Florida at Sea world! 🙂 I was watching Shamu, a famous orca, when I saw she was signing photos. I nearly fell into the pool I was that excited. Also, I really want to meet Jennifer Lawrence, who was Katniss in the Hunger Games, because I think she is amazing! 😀 Oh and Jimmy Fallon because he is really funny.

  15. Amira Reply

    I don’t think I have met anybody famous (but I probably have and can’t remember, which isn’t great). If I could meet somebody famous it would be Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss in The Hunger Games because she is an amazing actor and seems like a nice person too. 😀

  16. rudy Reply

    I have met Charlie George at a tour of the Emirates stadium and I’ve walk into Dermot o Leary in London.

  17. Lydia Reply

    I don’t remember meeting anyone famous, but I’d really like to someday. If I could meet any famous person, though, I’d choose Michael Morpurgo or Suzanne Collins. This is because I’m intrigued as to what their personalities are like, instead of their characters. However, I’d be lucky to meet any Famous person! 🙂

  18. Nikoo Reply

    I am sure I met someone famous I just can`t remember who it was! If I could choose who I could met I would choose… The Queen! 🙂

  19. Max R Reply

    I have met Robbie Savage whilst playing football.

  20. Morgan Reply

    I would like to meet Simon Mintoulay. He the Liverpool goalkeeper and as I am a very keen goalkeeper it would be my dream to meet him.

  21. Katie Reply

    I’ve met Martian Cloons at his fair he does every year in Dorset where dogs race against one another and horses race against one another.Once he got thrown on the ground.

  22. Cameron Reply

    I have met my sister because she’s an author and I would like to meet Steven Gerrard

  23. devnara Reply

    i met Francesca simon

  24. leo Reply

    i haven’t met anyone famous but someone richish ( huw )

  25. huw Reply

    I’ve met Jeremy Paxman because he’s my uncle

  26. cameron Reply

    My mum has met Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

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