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Lino Printing

Your linocut prints look absolutely fantastic now that they’re completed. Did you enjoy creating them? What did you find most challenging about the process and would you like to do more printing in the future?

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  1. Ellie b Reply

    The thing i found most challenging was trying not cut to deep into the lino.

  2. leo Reply

    I would like to do lino printing again and enjoyed it I found it a bit hard but cutting the lines where I wanted it to go

  3. Lydia Reply

    I really enjoyed creating the lino cut pictures and would definitely like to do them again. I especially like Amira’s design; it looks as good as an artist’s work! 🙂

  4. Caleb Reply

    The most challenging part was carving the background. And I would love to do it again! 😀

  5. indie Reply

    I loved it and I would really like to do it again.

  6. Alfie Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the lino printing it was very fun and I liked doing the panting part.

  7. Max.P Reply

    The hardest part was stopping the lines from going too deep, but if I had more practice I would definetely do it again.

  8. Martha Reply

    I really enjoyed making them! The cutting part was the hardest but I would love to do it again!

  9. Leila Reply

    I liked it but it was hard when I first started so one of the lines looks quite odd.

  10. Euan Reply

    I would like to do lino cutting again because its so fun. I found the background a bit hard.

  11. Amira Reply

    I loved doing the lino prints! I would definitely do it again as they look so good and very effective. Although, it was quite tricky getting the right depth when cutting the lino. 🙂

  12. Ellie Reply

    I would love to do more lino cutting.

  13. Ellie.P Reply

    I really enjoyed doing lino cut and I would love if we could do it again before year 6s go to secondary! The most challenging thing about lino cut was putting the right amount of pressure on it.

  14. devnara Reply

    i really liked doing lino i wish i could do it again

  15. leo Reply

    it was really fun i would definatly do it again.
    ( i wish i could)……… can we ??????????

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