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Fractions Week 2…

This week we have simplified, added and subtracted proper fractions, improper fractions as well as mixed numbers. What have you enjoyed this week? How confident are you feeling about fractions now?

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  1. Aruma Reply

    I have really enjoyed all the fraction work and feel very confident.

  2. leah Reply

    I feel very confident after the lessons that we had on fractions!

  3. Kyle Reply

    I feel confident now we have done this lesson and I enjoyed adding the fractions together!

  4. Ben Be (chair of school council) Reply

    I enjoyed adding and subtracting mixed numbers and I feel confident with it.

  5. lauren Reply

    I am feeling fairly confident with fractions but I think I need some more work turning them into whole numbers.

  6. Avalon Reply

    now I feel confident on fractions because I understand the method and know how to use mixed numbers 🙂

  7. Ivy Reply

    I feel very confident with fractions. Thanks Mr Mastrelli!

  8. ben bran Reply

    I am confident with mixed numbers and making improper fractions into mixed fractions but am not good at subtracting mixed numbers

  9. Alexander Savkovic Reply

    Adding and subtracting has been by favourite part in learning fractions so far. <:-D

  10. FLETCHER! Reply

    it was very complicated but I feel more confident now

  11. Abigail Reply

    I’m feeling pretty confident with using fractions also I have enjoyed all of the week on fractions.

  12. Travis Reply

    I’m feeling confident with simplifying fractions. It seems quite easy now.

  13. Olivia Reply

    At first I did not understand but now iam confident.

  14. Nicola (Playground Buddy) Reply

    I have enjoyed all of it. I feel quite confident with it! 😀

  15. Kian Reply

    I am finding adding and subtracting improper fractions slightly harder than equivalent fractions but I still like a challenge. (:

  16. Joe Reply

    I found this week really fun!

  17. kyran Reply

    I feel confident with fractions and its really fun

  18. Lucy Reply

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this weeks work on fractions! I enjoyed most in fractions… MIXED NUMBERS! Although I still need a little more practice on this method it is still fun and enjoyable to have a good go at! I feel quite confident with an array of fractions though its clear I need more practice to cover this mechanism. I really enjoyed this weeks worth of learning fractions and I hope we do more through the course of this year!

  19. Joe Reply

    It was also quite interesting

  20. Molly Reply

    I really enjoyed simplifying fractions and am really confident.

  21. J@de Reply

    I really enjoyed the lesson last week I really liked doing fractions with mixed numbers because i’m most confident with them

  22. Emma Reply

    Out of confidence 8/10
    I really enjoyed fractions but I do need a little more work on them.

  23. mani Reply

    My favourite part was adding mixed numbers.

  24. Stanley Reply

    It was quite hard at first but when we learnt it was easier to add and subtract proper and improper fractions.

  25. Harvey Reply

    I have enjoyed simplifying fractions, adding fractions and converting mixed numbers into improper fractions. Although I’m not all that confident with subtracting fractions or converting improper fractions into a mixed number.

  26. Osc@r Reply

    I enjoyed it all! My top 3 things to do in fractions are: (1 is my best)

    1. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

    2. Finding common denominators

    Joint 3. Simplifying/converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions

  27. Janet Reply

    I am feeling very secured in fractions so far!

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