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Yesterday you wrote an instructional text about how to draw an oil pastel picture in the style of Peter Thorpe.  What key tips are needed to draw a picture in this style accurately?

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  1. lauren Reply

    As a finishing touch you could gently smudge in your oil pastels to give it a great effect.

  2. J@de Reply

    light strokes with the oil pastels

  3. Emma Reply

    My tips are:
    1.Make sure that when you do the triangle at the top of the rocket, you should use a ruler when doing it.

    2.When your doing the background think big not just space like the blue sky.

  4. Ben Be (chair of school council) Reply

    My top tip is: To smudge after you colour in with the oil pastel to make your art more affective.

  5. kyran Reply

    doing drawing in the style of Peter Thorpe is really fun

  6. ben bran Reply

    one massive tip which would help me to draw like him would be only smudge when needed

  7. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I think to make your instructional text even better you could use the following:

    . Bullet Points

    . Numbers

    . A variety of sentence openers

    . Top Tips

    . Warnings

    . Checklist of items you need to use

    . And many more.

  8. FLETCHER! Reply

    I enjoyed that lesson

  9. Travis Reply

    Try to draw with end of the pencil or pen. That way you will get an edge to your drawing.

  10. Molly Reply

    When drawing the rocket maybe you would like to draw it in pencil before drawing in white or anther light colour.

  11. Aruma Reply

    You need to choose the colours you will use. Then draw your background and colour it in on a separate sheet from the rocket. After that draw, colour in, cut out your Rocket and glue it in.

  12. Joe Reply

    *Don’t try to draw something specific in the background.
    *when drawing your rocket, try ad some shading.

  13. Nicola (Playground Buddy) Reply


    Tip 1. BEFORE using oil pastel to draw you need to sketch out your design is pencil.

    Tip 2. ALWAYS finish the background before you stick the rocket on.

    Tip 3. ALWAYS plan your rocket and background BEFORE you draw it so you have an accurate design.

  14. Kian Reply

    Don’t smudge the oil pastels all the time.

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