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We were so delighted to see frog spawn in the pond this week.
‘Sage’ was out watching our frolics in the forest too. We spotted tulips this week and yet more daffodils ‘dancing in the breeze’. We did rather alot of digging and finished making our ‘forest badges’. The badges were made from little bits of leaves, petals and twigs attached to wool. Our wool had a little loop we could wrap around a button or a zip on our coats. Our ‘twig towers’ have collapsed but we can rebuild them or perhaps we could build something else. If you have any good ideas for ‘Forest School’ projects we would love to include them with the work we have planned. Have a think and let us know please!

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Did sage enjoy the activity?

    • class1 Reply

      Yes, I believe she did!
      She watches everything with enormous interest. If only she could speak, I’m sure she’d have so much to tell us about the forest. We have planned to write some stories for her and explanations of what we do.We hope to sit down with her but we need to gain her confidence, she’s always hiding in the trees!
      Maybe after Easter! We’ll certainly let you know Miss Sawyer.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Thank you! Very exciting!

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