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Half Term Break

Can you tell me your favourite activity carried out in half term? Please ask your parents to help you reply on the blog. I have really enjoyed going for a long walk in Tynemouth (near Newcastle) with my Husband,


Thanks Mrs Horner


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  1. Ms Lamb Reply

    How lovely Mrs Horner. I hope you treated yourselves to an ice cream! Ms Lamb

  2. Charlie Barker Reply

    I had a great time at illuminate york, listening to Erik blood axe’s story. And looking at the viking’s dragon boats on the pretty clifton tower! Charlie

  3. class2 Reply

    That sounds so exciting Charlie!

  4. Callum Reply

    I had a delicious strawberry milkshake on the train to Lowestoft.

  5. George Reply

    I had a wonderful day at the old train NYM Moors.

  6. class2 Reply

    Sounds like you all had an exciting half term children!

  7. Chloe Reply

    I had a Halloween Party and we did some sparkles and we did scary musical statues

  8. Bethan(school council) Reply

    Wow sounds like you all had fun!

  9. NELLIE Reply

    york maz on The goost mania RIde. I loved it! Nellie

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