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Half term holiday!

Hi all,

I do hope you are having a restful break during the half term holidays so you come back to school excited and ready to learn. So far this holiday I have spent time with my family and I am up early to take my sister to the dentist! Tomorrow I am meeting Mrs Carr-Brion so we can go to the Castle Museum to see all the exciting things we will be doing when we go on our trip.

What have you been doing this holiday?

Miss Plews.

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Today (Wednesday) I went to the York maze Halloween by day with my mum , brother and his friend Stan! I had a great time as I went on the bouncy pillow,in the Phantomime which was great, went into the house of confusion which was weird had some cheesy chips which were yummy, held a snake which felt strange and scaly, held an owl who was adorable, went into the maze of illusions which was EXTREMELY strange and finally carved a pumpkin!

    • class3 Reply

      WOW a very busy day Bethan!

      See you tomorrow, Miss Plews.

  2. Ms Lamb Reply

    That sounds fun. I love the Castle Museum. Did your sister get a sticker at the dentist? My boys always get a sticker! Ms Lamb

    • class3 Reply

      No she didn’t get a sticker Ms Lamb as I think she is getting a bit old now 🙂

      See you tomorrow, Miss Plews.

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