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Happy new year and welcome back!

What did you enjoy most about your Christmas holidays, Class 7?

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  1. Kian Reply

    I had a great holiday and most of all enjoyed meeting my cousins Kian and Noir!

  2. Betsy Reply

    I really enjoyed using my christmas presents for the first time!

  3. lucy Reply

    I most enjoyed going Ice Skating at the Ice factor with my mums friends! I really liked it but most of the time i was teaching them how to ice skate!

  4. Ben Be Reply

    I enjoyed being with my family

  5. lucy Reply

    I most enjoyed going ice skating at the Ice Factor with my mums friends!It was really fun but most of the time i was teaching them how to skate!

  6. Onett Reply

    My favorite part of the Christmas Holidays is when it was Christmas day; I was allowed to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone.

  7. Mollie Reply

    I enjoyed going to see ‘A Christmas carol’ at the Guildhall. 🙂

  8. sophia Reply

    I loved Christmas morning when I woke up and scrambled to the end of my bed to see if Santa had come!!

  9. oscar (school council) Reply

    I got some awesome Christmas presents! For example Risk, a game where you need to take over the world, a lava lamp, all the horrible science geography books and Guinness world records 2015! Plus, my uncle came from SW USA, a state called New Mexico. (It used to be part of Mexico. He works with a famous physicist, and has discovered a mammoth skull! (He’s an archaeologist). ;P 😀 😉

  10. Millie Reply

    My favorite thing about the holidays was probably playing on my new trampoline!

  11. Scarlet Reply

    I enjoyed going to my best friend’s(from my old school)for the last week of the holidays.

  12. Jasmine and Ben Bran Reply

    Ben:I went to London and i saw the fireworks but I had to wait 8 hours in the rain.

    Jasmine:I went to Billericay in Essex to see my Godmother and her two children.

  13. Joe Reply

    I liked it on Christmas day when i got lots of lego

  14. Masha Reply

    I liked my presents.

  15. Travis Reply

    Christmas of course! I loved getting my presents and going to my Grandad and Grandmothers home! 😀

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