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Happy New Year!

What were the highlights of your holidays?

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  1. Jacob Reply

    The highlight of my holiday was eating christmas dinner!

  2. Tomas Reply

    In my holidays i went to flamingo land!

  3. Tom.C Reply

    Adopting a cat!

  4. Holly Reply

    The highlights of my holiday would be going to the cinema, travelling on a bike to discover new fascinating places and stopping to climb trees, going to see my grandparents and going to a place near the dales. Everything in my holidays was amazing.

  5. William Reply

    Getting a Table Tennis Table for Christmas!

  6. Jaimie Reply

    My sisters and I made a show for both Christmas and New Year, I went to Brimham Rocks (amazing!) and Holly came to mine.

  7. Katy Reply

    The highlights for my new year was going to Scotland and experiencing my first Hogmanay with my family! 🙂

  8. gaurie Reply

    My favorite bit was my cousins coming over and going to the mall with my mum & dad 😀

  9. Abby Reply

    My highlights were the new year,christmas and when i wached films with my mum and brother for a day!

  10. Joseph Reply

    First we (my mum my sister and me ) went to my gran’s and we had Christmas day there then on Christmas we went to my uncle’s house for roast dinner, after that we went back to my gran’s and slept until the 28th. Next we went to my Nan’s and had a SECOND Christmas there :). Finally on the second we went to my Uncle Frank’s house until the 4th which was the day that we came home on. On the 5th of Jan my sister and I spent the day at my Gran’s house and we had a very merry Christmas!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. khai Reply

    i had a awesome holiday i played on my laptop all day long and that’s all really happy new year 🙂

  12. Molly Reply

    My grandfather had his 80 birthday party this week and he had 3xpeople used to teach at Josephrowntree school in drama and there was one person from Emadale and on from another program on tv 🙂

  13. Layla Reply

    In the holidays i didn’t really do any thing but go to my grans 😀

  14. dominic Reply

    My highlights were going bowling with my friend

  15. lucas Reply

    i had a great holiday in Australia

  16. Ava Reply

    In the holidays I went to Newcastle for new years eve and then came back on new years day.I also went to center parcs at Sherwood forest for 3 days. 😀

  17. mae Reply

    i got an awesome harry potter game for christmas and i had a really fun
    time at new year.

  18. Zuzanna Reply

    My highlights were when me, my mum and my dad put up our real christmas tree!

  19. libby Reply

    I think one of my highlights is getting to see all my family e.g my family from Manchester,York,France and basingstoke 🙂

  20. Ella Reply

    Am Back!

  21. Tom Reply

    On the Christmas holidays my gram par came with his dog Tess and my dog Danny they paled with each other.

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