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Today you all presented your Egyptian research projects to the class. What did you do well? What would have helped make your presentation even better?

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  1. Jacob Reply

    We were loud but we could have looked at the audience more.

  2. Holly Reply

    I really enjoyed looking at everybody’s presentations. They were something to marvel.

    What my group did well was the fluency when speaking and the cooperation with each other. To improve on our presentation, we would need to look at the audience more.

  3. olivia Reply

    i think my talk was too short so for me to make my part better would be to have more of a part

  4. Ade Reply

    I felt a bit nurvous when I said my speech.

  5. Molly Reply

    too look at the audience when we were speeking :O 🙂

  6. William Reply

    I thought my voice was loud and clear although I should of looked at the audience more, instead of starring at the white board all the time!

  7. Jaimie Reply

    My presentation was about Food and Drink. I think I looked at the audience well but needed to learn my lines a bit better.

  8. Layla Reply

    I think my group spoke loud and clear but I would improve looking at the audience when talking. 😀

  9. Ava Reply

    To make our presentation better i think we could of looked at our audience more.

  10. jake Reply

    being less scared when preforming

  11. gaurie Reply

    I think I should looked up a bit more when I was speaking but I said my lines loud and clearly

  12. Joseph Reply

    I think the whole class was very loud and clear but for my group we possibly could have looked up a bit more.

  13. libby Reply

    I personally think that our group should of learnt our lines maybe at home although I think we did really well 🙂

  14. Katy Reply

    I think our group did the talking part very well as we were loud and clear however I think to improve our presentation we could have looked not only at the board but could have interacted with the audience more than we did but all round I think we all did well.

  15. Abby Reply

    In my group we all knew what we were ment to say but we needed to stop looking at the screen so much!

  16. Oleg Reply

    my group were doing about clothing I think I was loud enough so everyone in the class could hear me.

  17. Alexander Reply

    I was a bit nervous but it was still great fun my favourite slide is the thank you for watching slide because the background was cool 😀

  18. robby Reply

    My presentation was about food and drink i really enjoyed doing it because it was really fun

  19. khai Reply

    i think i did well when saying my two lines spoke loudly and clear

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