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Homework Project

Remember your last homework project for this term: we’d like you to design a poster for a Winter party taking place in the Stone Age era.
Your project should be presented neatly in a way that can be displayed in our class. It should include details of when and where the party is; what is happening at the party, including games and food; pictures or illustrations and any other important details.

Your posters should be returned to share by Thursday 15th December, please. We look forward to hearing about your events. Happy party planning!

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  1. Ellen Reply

    i cant wait to see everyone projects!

    • oscar (school council) :P Reply

      I agree – I’m looking forward to them too!

  2. Ellen Reply

    i meant to write everyone’s!

  3. jasmine Reply

    I cant wait to show mine to the class

  4. jasmine Reply

    as I am going to make mine very creative

  5. jasmine Reply

    and imaginative

  6. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I can imagine a Stone Age party – there would be lots of ugs.

  7. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Mine will probably be set in a cave.

  8. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Located 2 miles away from Stonehenge.

  9. shelby and shannon Reply

    this is going to be amazing

  10. mai metcalfe Reply

    I have started my homework.I having three main things i want to research on the stone age winter party.I like this.

  11. m.metcalfe Reply

    I love this and i like homework projects.

  12. Charlotte Reply

    I cant wait to see everyone’s creative christmas winter party posters!

  13. Charlotte Reply

    It was fun creating an imaginative poster and i really enjoyed it.

  14. Charlie H Reply

    I am really looking forward to seeing peoples posters and it was really fun to make the Skara Brae estate agent descriptions. What are we doing next?

  15. Elle ? Reply

    I just did mine yesterday it was fun creating it as I included a illustrations and important information

  16. Elle ? Reply

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s as I know all of them will have lots of artistic flair and will have a lot of work put into them and 100% effort!?

  17. Harvey Reply

    I’ve finished mine. 😀 😀

  18. Shannon gatenby Reply

    I can’t wait to bring my homework project in as I have designed a part porster for a Christmas spectacular?

  19. Elle ? Reply

    It is nice that we can do homework project on Thursday instead of on Friday because then we can have fun toy day without any lessons or maths or English or any learning at all!??

  20. Elle ? Reply

    I think mine is very motivated and creative as I included games, where the party was being held, end lots of more other things and illustrations

  21. Ben Reply

    I am starting mine write now

  22. Manon Reply

    Party planning is a creative business, especially Stone Age parties!

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