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Next week…

Next week in English we will be writing some Christmas poetry and exploring some Christmas related stories!

In maths next week we’ll be completing Christmas activities and using our problem solving skills for Christmas related activities!


Other Notes
On Tuesday it’s our Key Stage 2 Christmas Party. You will enjoy a morning of fun Christmas or Stone Age activities and then after lunch we will go into the school hall and start the party! If you can, please remember to bring a food contribution to share with our class (please nothing containing nuts). Don’t forget a super Stone Age costume to change into for the party after lunch!

Friday is Toy Day. Please bring toys that are not electronic, don’t have small parts and aren’t valuable. ‘Pokemon’ cards are not welcome at school so please don’t bring them in on Toy Day.

Please note that we will finish early on Friday 16th, at 2:30pm.

About the Author
  1. Ellen

    i love christmas

  2. Ellen

    and poetry

  3. Ellen

    they’re even better together!

  4. Ellen

    Christmas in English and in maths

    • oscar (school council) :P

      It’s 16 more days…

  5. Ellen

    Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

  6. Ellen

    yay party!

  7. Ellen

    I love Toy Day!

    • oscar (school council) :P

      I might bring in a gyroscope.

  8. Ellen

    50 minutes off school!

    • oscar (school council) :P

      And then another 18 days (I think?)

  9. jasmine

    I cant wait for Tuesday as its my birthday too

  10. jasmine

    and it will be really fun

  11. oscar (school council) :P


  12. oscar (school council) :P

    Then the xmas holidays!

  13. oscar (school council) :P

    I can’t wait for the KS2 party!

  14. oscar (school council) :P

    They are so legendary…

  15. oscar (school council) :P


  16. jasmine

    as we get to do Stone Age activities

  17. jasmine

    and I really like Christmas!

  18. jasmine

    and I cant wait for English next week as we get to write Christmas poetry

  19. jasmine

    I also cant wait for maths as I like Christmas solving

  20. jasmine

    I meant to say problem solving

  21. shelby and shannon

    we cant wait to do this 🙂

  22. Charlotte

    I am really excited for the christmas party!

  23. Charlotte

    Ug will return to the school once again!

    • oscar (school council) :P

      Yes she will.

  24. Shannon gatenby

    I Can’t wait for the Christmas party on Tuesday. I also can’t wait to write some Christmas poetry… poetry is my favourite thing to do in English ?⛄️??

  25. Elle ?

    Yeah I can’t wait for Charlotte to dress up as ugh again what fascinating memories of our class assembly!

  26. Elle ?

    I can’t wait for the Christmas party, it will be really fun in fact it is today,I am bringing in Battenberg I love it because it’s got marzipan on it is my favourite!

  27. Elle ?

    Friday! I really don’t know what to bring, got so much choice,I think I’m going to bring all my scrapbooking stickers and card bits though . I’ll do a page on toy day and a page on Christmas

  28. Elle ?

    Christmas and Maths activities! I wonder what it’ll be like,I expect it will be exciting ! I can’t wait!

  29. Elle ?

    Oh! The Christmas party was so fun! The only one thing that was not that great, was my Battenburg,I didn’t know that it contains nuts-almonds!