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How to train your dragon

So, you’re now becoming experts in dragon taming.  What are your top tips on how to train a dragon?!

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  1. Jacob Reply

    -Give it some nice meat as a reward

    -Don’t push it too far or it’ll be too tired to do anything else

  2. Chelsea Reply

    .Always be nice to the dragon or you could die

    .Give the dragon attention when the dragon wants it

  3. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    Top of my top tips: when dragonwatching, wear a lightning proof suit! (Now in stock at Amazon. Half price. Offer expires on 16/4/2015, 15:00)

  4. louie Reply

    All you need to do is not let it eat you!!

  5. sophia Reply

    My top tips are

    -Give it some space
    -start off easy and get harder and harder
    -be patient
    -keep encouraging…it may take a while !!

    By Professor Sophia
    professional Dragonologist
    Member of DOBA
    (dragons of Britain association)

  6. Ben Bell Reply

    Give your dragon fish heads all the time (now in stock at Tesco)

  7. janet Reply

    First of all is be nice to your dragon and try to buy a scary big toy.

  8. Helen Reply

    1)Give it fish to eat.

    2)Don’t scare it.

  9. Onett Reply

    – Never ever give a dragon responsibility or leave it to do a certain task without keeping a close eye on it and don’t ever get angry at it because it will just kill you instantly.

    – It is also a good idea to not take food back once you have gave it to him, even if it is totally full.


  10. Harry Reply

    give your dragon fish.

    play with your dragon.

    fly on your dragon.

    pet your dragon

    try not to et burned alive

  11. Kian Reply

    1) Don’t show any sign of fear

    2) Give it nice juicy pieces of meat

  12. Betsy Reply

    Feed your dragon when it needs you to!

  13. Joshua Reply

    Train the Draco Eluvies feeding it sushi(not squid or it will eat you.)

  14. joe Reply

    Make sure it has meat every minute and don’t leave it to long or your house will be burnt.

  15. Travis Reply

    My tips are:

    Always feed it. (Not too much though or it won’t be pretty).

    If you play with it don’t be too rough.

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