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PE warm-ups

We really enjoyed starting to share your PE warm-ups this week.  What does your warm-up involve and what skills will be needed to take part?

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  1. louie Reply

    Mine includes circles with your arms then jogging on the spot,Star jumps,5 press ups and finally the plank!

  2. Millie Reply

    For my warm up it involves running when someone else least expects it. Also it includes alot of concentration!

  3. lucy Reply

    i did my warm up with Chelsea, we have not done it yet but hopefully we will soon!

  4. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    Mine includes quick thinking and concentration.

  5. Chelsea Reply

    Mine and Lucy’s warm up includes:

    .8 star jumps

    .press ups

    .step and jump


    • Avalon Reply

      mine was just a game but i will soon :):]

  6. Helen Reply

    My warm up is called atoms it involves listening and looking.

  7. Betsy Reply

    My home work means you need to listen and watch, ALOT!

  8. Harry Reply




    cool down

  9. ben brano Reply

    i did it with harry it was great

  10. jade Reply

    my homework work is stretching your muscles

  11. ralph Reply

    i enjoyed sophia’s warm up

  12. Travis Reply

    My warm up is basically a bunch of P.E moves and one little kind of party game. One of them is the plank. Yep, the plank.

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