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I am Winter, King of Seasons!

What were your favourite lines from the winter poem we performed this week?

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  1. Kian Reply

    I liked saying “I am the White Knight of charm”

  2. Lewkas Reply

    I am the white knight of charm!!!

  3. Chelsea Reply

    My favorite lines were:

    1. Time to go!

    2. SCRAM!

    3. VAMOOSH!

  4. Millie Reply

    Scram, vamoose it’s time for snow

  5. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    I liked the penultimate verse, with the spring magician, and I also enjoyed I, am the white knight of charm, I bring stillness, peace and calm. ;D 😉 😛

  6. Joshua Reply

    My favourite lines were,I am winter king of seasons,I bring snow for many reasons.

  7. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I liked:

    So autumn, take your bow

    Scram! Vamoose!

    Time to go!

  8. M@NI Reply


  9. Betsy Reply

    My favorite lines were:

    I am the white knight of charm.
    I bring stillness peace and calm.

  10. Harry M Reply

    ‘I’am winter,king of season’ i really liked saying it

  11. sophia Reply

    My favourite line was,

    “I bring the beauty of bright lights.”Thats Ambers line!

  12. Helen and Sara Reply

    I decorate the walls and gates with mountain tops of fluffy flakes.
    Scram vamoose it is time for snow.

  13. Onett Reply

    My favorite line was; I am winter King of seasons. It’s because the
    King of seasons says it. My other favorite line is “I bring snow for many reasons.”

  14. amber Reply

    My favourite line was Sophia’s

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