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Internet Safety

We had a really informative assembly led by PCSO Harris yesterday where we learned how to keep safe when using the internet.  What are your top tips for enjoying the internet safely?

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  1. Mollie (school council) Reply

    If somebody emails you and you don’t know who it is, tell an adult straight away.

    WARNING: Don’t reply at all. They could be lying, or even trying to find out as much as they can about you as they can.

  2. Chelsea Reply

    .Don’t put your second name on Facebook or any other web site.

    .Don’t put personal pictures online.

    .Don’t talk to someone you don’t know online and don’t meet up with them.

  3. Ben Reply

    My biggest tip is: make sure you’re talking to people you know.

  4. Kian Reply

    Set privacy settings to only friends!

  5. Betsy Reply

    Only let your friends see your page.

  6. Harry M Reply

    We learned about howto be safe online and how to but the privacy
    settings on and a new website.

  7. Millie Reply

    1.Don’t reveal your full name

    2.Only talk to people you’re sure you know

  8. Joe Reply

    Don’t share your name or identity on the internet unless you actually know people in real life

  9. Oscar ( school council) ;D Reply

    I really agreed to the privacy of email, and to telling an adult if you are unsure of an email. All of it was also extremely important. REALLY REALLY important. ;D

  10. M@NI Reply


  11. Lewkas Reply

    Don’t reply to a strange email!!!!!!!

  12. sophia Reply

    Put your privicy settings on.
    tell a adult if things don’t seem right.
    be sure of what you are doing.

  13. Jacob Reply

    Make sure only friends can see the personal stuff online. :):D:P:O

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