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Life with Jibo…

On Tuesday morning, Class 8 watched a video clip about a family friendly robot called Jibo. Each child then wrote a diary entry from a child’s perspective explaining what life was like living with Jibo, thinking carefully about the benefits as well as potential drawbacks.


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  1. Sophie Reply

    I really enjoyed watching what Jibo can do, I would like to have him in my home, even if he might be annoying!

  2. Annabelle Reply

    This task was fun ! As i really got to get to “know” Jibo … and what he does!

  3. Mollie Reply

    I really enjoyed watching the advert and writing the diary entry! Also, I learnt something else: I really want a Jibo!

  4. rosa Reply

    This was really fun and I put in about how hated/loved him.
    It is very unfair they only come in boys.


  5. Joe Reply

    I really enjoyed writing a diary entry about a person living with Jibo,i thought it was a really fun and creative lesson.

  6. minnie grace cotton Reply

    I really want one of these robots! I enjoyed writing this piece of work , it was so exciting watching that extrordinary video!

  7. Livy Gamble Reply

    I LOVED watching Life With Jibo I WANT ONE! 😉

  8. Betsy Reply

    I would love to have a Jibo and I think it is really cool- especially because it can talk to you!

  9. Logan Clark Reply

    this was really fun and cool 🙂

  10. George Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson and liked learning about jibo.

  11. Marcus Reply

    I really enjoyed this task. It was incredibly fun to write about a robot even if he was a horrific nightmare in the end!

  12. Laura Reply

    I loved this task as it contained robots which we have been dreaming of for years but now a real life robot has come to the world and its so exciting! I cant wait to find out more about Jibo and all his features.

  13. reuben Reply

    This was fun and exiting

  14. Cora Wareh Reply

    It was very fun to write about life with Jibo, and I was even able to include a passive sentence in my improvement time. If I really did have Jibo in my own home he would be very useful!!!

  15. Isidora Reply

    Jibo is the best thing since sliced bread, he is entertaining and educational!!!!!Plus adorable!!!!!! 🙂

  16. Poppy Walker Reply

    This was a really fun lesson and I would really like a Jibo of my own. This would also help my brother do his homework.

  17. millie Reply

    This piece of english work was very fun.I would really like JIBo as he looks like a friendly fun robot.

  18. Sophia Reply

    I enjoyed this activity lots although i don’t think I would like one in real life!

  19. Luci@ Reply

    i love the jibo video and writing the diary entry about living the life with the world’s first family robot.

  20. Jasmine Reply

    I really enjoyed writing my diary entry about life with Jibo . I wish I had a Jibo robot!

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