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Art Attack…

Class 8 were lucky enough to have a special art morning taught by Louise Brooke, an art specialist from EBOR Academy. The children started to create World War 2 themed boxes using a range of very creative ideas.

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I really enjoyed painting these scenes and I’m looking forward to finishing our poems to put in the gas mask boxes.

  2. Annabelle Reply

    YAY! Art ! this was so fun !

  3. callie Reply

    I really liked the art morning and making the nets for our poems in.

  4. reuben Reply

    I loved this day =-)

  5. millie Reply

    As we hardley get any art i was very glad we got to have a whole morning of it.

  6. Mollie Reply

    This was a really fun session and I enjoyed painting my box and drawing my air raid shelter!

  7. Laura Reply

    I loved this morning because it was SO arty and it was different because we never have art. Im so happy that we now get to to do art as well as French. I was over-excited when it was announced.

  8. Sophia Reply

    It was great to have a professional artist come in and teach us some tricks! My favourite part was painting our boxes,I liked making it look battered!

  9. Poppy Walker Reply

    I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. I love art and this was really fun

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