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Quiz Club!

On Monday afternoon, Class 8 completed a general knowledge quiz. The children coped well with the array of questions which covered subjects such as science, maths and geography. I wonder which children will represent Park Grove at the annual Quiz Club competition…

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I thought that the quiz was very exciting and fun at the same time. Good luck to whoever gets through!!

  2. minnie grace cotton Reply

    That quiz was heart-pounding! i hated the music because it scares me and it makes my heart thump fast!

  3. Livy Gamble Reply

    I loved doing the Quiz Club! It was so fun!

  4. Mollie Reply

    Hmmm… I wonder too… I hope that everyone who is chosen does a really good job (I’m sure they will though 😉 definitely!)

  5. H@rley N Reply

    i really enjoyed quiz club doing all the questions were just really really FUN and the music wasnt scary at all….

  6. Joe Reply

    Although i don’t think i did that well with the quiz,i still enjoyed taking part in it and i wish i could be part of the quiz team.

  7. Laura Reply

    This was so exciting but scary at the same time! I cant wait to find out the results!

  8. reuben Reply

    I did well on quiz club.

  9. Betsy Reply

    I like doing the quiz but the music is very intimidating!

  10. millie Reply

    I have done this in the past years and it was quite tricky but it was fun to do on a monday afternoon.

  11. Marcus Reply

    I really enjoyed this! It Certainly was fun, but the music was very tense!

  12. Poppy Walker Reply

    Even though I’m not great at general knowledge I did pretty well and it was really fun.

  13. Annabelle Reply

    I’m not to good at general knowledge … But I guess i did well

  14. Sophia Reply

    I found the geography questions har as i am not very good at it!

  15. Cora Wareh Reply

    This was SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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