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Mega multiples and fab factors!

In maths, we have developed our knowledge of factors and multiples. In pairs, we played a game identifying each – the winner had to identify either a correct multiple or factor of the previous number.

Class 9 – can you write a definition for factors or multiples? What did you enjoy most about the game?

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  1. Manon Reply

    I liked this lesson and it was fun using the iPads so overall I definetely enjoyed the game.We revised about factors and multiples; sometimes I get mixed up between the two.

  2. jasmine Reply

    i really enjoyed doing maths that day as it was fun to do

  3. Shannon Reply

    I have really enjoyed factors and multiples this week.

  4. Ellen Reply

    Factors-factors are numbers that times by another number to make a number. example: 7 is a multiple of 21.

    Multiple- a multiple is a number that you get if you multiply 2 numbers together. example 21 is the multiple of 7×3

  5. Kian Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson as we got to use the ipads.

  6. jessie Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson on multiples and factors.

  7. Aaron Reply

    you are lucky you gise got to use ipads hum

  8. Aaron Reply

    in the back of the class we did use 144 scwere tko help us we got to 7 numbers in total it was fun

  9. Freddie Reply

    Loading …

  10. Freddie Reply

    The reason I put loading was because I am a little embarrassed I must admit about the photo of me and Felix.

    • Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

      You shouldn’t be embarrassed, it is a really nice photo. ??

  11. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I enjoyed the lesson because we got to use the mini iPads. ??

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