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Morgianna’s story…

Last week English we read the tale of Ali Baba from the Arabian Nights, and now this week we are focussing on rewriting the story from the point of view of Morgianna, Ali Baba’s servant girl. To help us step into Morgiana’s shoes and see the story from her perspective, a few of us sat on the hot seat as Morgianna herself to ask some intriguing open questions before we start planning our writing. 

Class 9 – what do you think Morgianna was thinking when Ali Baba came home with all that treasure? How do you think she felt when she found the robbers hiding?

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  1. Manon

    I think that Morgianna felt amazed and thought that it might have been unreal.Confused,slightly worried(when she heard about the thieves and Ali Baba taking the gold)and perhaps excited because it might lead to an increase inpayfor her if she worked extra hard!

  2. Osc@r

    She must have been overwhelmed by the whole experience. She never would have seen it coming – definitely! She must feel like the luckiest person in the world! 😀 😛 🙂 😉

  3. jasmine

    this lesson was so exciting to do i really enjoyed doing it

  4. Freddie

    This was interesting to see different point of views some good explanations.

  5. jessie

    I enjoyed the part when Alexander pretended to be Morgianna. I thought everyone did well on pretending to be Morgianna.

  6. Ellen

    when ali baba came home- wow!

    when she found the robbers-aaah!

  7. Tia

    It was quite challenging writing in the first person since i normally write in the 3rd but it was still fun pretending to write as morgianna 🙂

  8. chloeAmelielightfootloftus

    I loved writing a diary recount and as a girl and that dosent realy happen.this the best class so far.

  9. Aaron

    I licked this I finck my story was GOOD

  10. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy)

    I was chosen to be on the HOT SEAT! ???