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Mining Trip

What did you enjoy about our trip to the National Mining Museum? What interesting facts did you learn?

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  1. Joseph Reply

    Coal turns to diamonds if it is compressed over millions of years!

  2. Ade Reply

    I liked it when we went underground in our groups.

  3. mae Reply

    about how dark it used to be with out any lights.

  4. Klaudia Reply

    I really enjoyed looking at the horses and being underground.

  5. Zuzanna Reply

    I enjoyed going underground where it was about 145m underground?!

  6. Tomas Reply

    The thing that i enjoyed most was getting there and the underground tour!

  7. Molly Reply

    i loved going down the mine and i learnt that little children suffered the dark for hours until he or she was needed

  8. Jaimie Reply

    I learnt that the miners used to take pit ponies down the mines. I also learnt that you can carve things out of ‘parrot coal’, so-called because of the chattering sound it makes when it is burnt.

  9. khaiii Reply

    i enjoyed everything about it they shore scared me a lot and the way everything was old and looks nearly destroyed it was fun going down the lift with hard helmets and lights it reminded me of high adventure all i can say really is i enjoyed everything.

  10. William Reply

    It was loads of fun!

  11. lucas Reply

    i learnt that a guy likes to hide rats

  12. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed our trip to the museum,i especially liked going underground.

  13. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed the underground tour and I learnt that miners use to suck coal to get rid of indigestion.

  14. luke Reply

    I enjoyed it, despite banging my head on a steel gurder and a low ceiling,it did bring a lot of pain but I was wearing a hardhat.
    it would have hurt more if I didn’t wear the hardhat.

  15. Oleg Reply

    It was awesome in the mine, my group was with TAZ he was so cool. The horses were just amazing but the ponies are older than the horse which really me.

  16. Oleg Reply

    really surprised me

  17. Tom.C Reply

    I learnt that they used men children and women in the mines but then an accident occurred and now they only use men and horses.

  18. libby Reply

    I especially loved going in the under ground mine plus the lift you had to go down.

  19. Dylan Reply

    it was fun 🙂

  20. Holly Reply

    I really enjoyed going down into the mine and doing lots of fun activities inside there.

    I learnt that the coal miners had to suck coal to prevent their bodies from getting a bad disease. Also I learnt a lot about the mine itself.

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