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Pirates of the Curry Bean

What do you think of our playscript? Which character would you like to audition for?

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  1. Martha Reply

    I think the play looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to find out what part I get ☺

  2. mae Reply

    loopy louie

  3. Alex Reply

    The play looks amazing and I can’t wait to see/play the final Thing because of progress we are making of the Pirates of the Curry Bean!

  4. Klaudia Reply

    I auditioned for Lisa but in the play I’m Bilboe.

  5. Molly Reply

    i auditioned for Perl but i didn’t get it so i got given a pirate from captain red beards crew

  6. lucas Reply

    i think the play is good

  7. jake Reply

    the play is outstanding as the characters give all there effort in preforming there characters well hope us all good luck when preforming in front of the school 🙂

  8. Danny boy! :D Reply

    I like the play script. I wanted to be a technician but i am depressed that i did not get the part :[

  9. Zuzanna Reply

    This play is AMAZING! I am wondering which part I get…

  10. Ade Reply

    I really wanted to be Broadside.

  11. dominic Reply

    i think the play is going to be amazing and cant wait to perform the final thing

  12. libby Reply

    I auditioned for deadeye dinghy and I got baggywrinkle ! 🙂

  13. Tomas Reply

    I audition for scoutle and i got the part!

  14. Tom Reply

    I carnt wate intil we peform the play!

  15. William Reply

    I was ill on friday so i dont know but i hope I get cut throat clegg.

  16. olivia Reply

    I can’t believe I got Fluke! The play sounds brilliant I can’t wait when we show it to others!

  17. Holly Reply

    I think that the play has an amazing story line and that everyone across Year 5 and 6 will enjoy rehearsing and performing it on the big night. It’s only a couple of weeks away, I’m so excited and nervous!

  18. William Reply

    I’m fender.

  19. Jaimie Reply

    I think the play is very funny and clever. Even though I did not get the part I auditioned for I am extremely happy with my part – Ping the tribal guard.

  20. khaiii Reply

    iiiiiiiii cant wait i am the main bad guy in the play with singing and loads of lines.

  21. Ava Reply

    I’m really excited to do the play and i am happy that i got Broadside. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  22. Oleg Reply

    I got Barnicules but I was auditioning for slack but i dont mind because last year I got a wich and the wiches were a big part in the play.

  23. gaurie Reply

    I can’t believe I got Liza. I am probably the happiest person in the world 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. robby Reply

    the play is going really well and it looks like im doing a decent job on the music

  25. Dylan Reply

    i really like mr pratt

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