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Missing Numbers…

On Thursday morning, Class 8 applied their addition and subtraction skills to find out a range of missing numbers in different calculations. All the children had great fun with this!


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  1. Mollie

    I really enjoyed doing the missing numbers, especially addition. I also liked helping people out when doing it!

  2. Sophie

    I really enjoyed the session but some questions were a bit tricky to work out.

  3. Betsy

    I loved doing missing numbers and I never thought it would be that fun!! I’m ready to see them and face them in a test.

  4. george

    I really enjoyed writing out the tricky missing number questions in our pairs.I had extremely good fun.

  5. Livy Gamble

    I Found This Really Fun And Exciting. I Found This Hard At First But Then It Got Easier And Easier

  6. joe.atkinson

    i agree this session was so fun and im sad we wont be doing it again

  7. Pujani Perera

    At first I wasn’t to confident with missing numbers but when it went on in the lesson I felt like I was fully secure.

  8. millie rose larbey

    I found this tricky but with a bit of help from mr mastrelli and mr symons i felt okay.

  9. Callie

    I really liked this lesson because it was fun and I found some of it a bit hard

  10. Lucas Zareba Wynne

    I really liked doing missing numbers because I found it hard,challenging and easy at sometimes.

  11. Sophia

    I found this quite challenging yet very pleasing when you found the right numbers

  12. Laura Allison

    For me missing numbers was really tricky although it helped me learn another type of Maths so if it comes up in a test I will hopefully get it correct. I hope we do more tricky maths in the future so I can improve on it and learn more things.