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Mystery Maths Week 1

Mystery Maths

Miss Sawyer needs to buy 190 pencils to give out in Good Work Assemblies. The pencils are sold in packs of 10. When Miss Sawyer goes to the store to buy them, there are only 14 packs of pencils on the shelf. How many more pencils does she still need to buy to reach her total?

Good luck and blog the position of your answer only!

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  1. Charlotte Reply

    50 pencils

  2. thepta Reply

    Good luck children, this is indeed a tricky calculation. When the PTA buys bulk items for school events and we can only buy so many items if in stock at one place and then we have to go to another place to buy any remaining items. This really is a real life type question!

  3. Alexander Reply

    The answer is : On the side of Mr Baines desk.

  4. Pujani Reply

    5 packet next to mr baines desk

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