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What did you find out when we used the sketching pencils?

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  1. zuzanna Reply

    9b is the darkest and 2b is really quite light. The bigger number the darker the shade will be!

  2. Holly Reply

    I discovered that all graded pencils have their differences. Also, I found out that the different shades of pencils can have an embellisihing effect.

  3. William Reply

    Personally I discovered that 9b was really dark and h was probably the lightest!

  4. Klaudia Reply

    Some of them dark, and some light.One of them was like normal pencil!

  5. olivia Reply

    I found out that that the bigger the number the darker the shade is!

  6. dylan Reply

    i found out that 9b was the darkest shade of pencle and 2b was the lightest shade of pencle
    6b was in the

  7. Ava Reply

    I never knew there were so many different shades of pencil.

  8. abby Reply

    i agree with zuzanna but i lllllooooovvvvvveeeeee shading a specially
    the circil one!!

  9. mae Reply

    The higher the number the darker the pencil will be.

  10. Molly Reply

    the higher graded pencil means that it is darker the lower grade means that it is a lot liter in shade but the darker gives much more affect.

  11. gaurie Reply

    The lightest shade I found was 4H and the darket that I found was 9b I think the ones after HB were lighter than the other ones.

  12. lucas Reply

    I found out that the higher the grade pencil is the darkest the shading is

  13. libby Reply

    I think that H is lighter than B.

  14. Oleg Reply

    6b 7b 8b 9b are darkest 2b 3b 4b are lightist

  15. Layla Reply

    Thanks now i have got a idea 😀 because i was’t here

  16. Jaimie Reply

    I found out that the highest number of the pencils, 9b, is the darkest and that 4h is extremely light. I like the unique effects they give of because of the different thickness of the pencil grade.

  17. jake Reply

    h and b are the lightest

  18. Joseph Reply

    I was ill on that day and I missed the shading… 🙁

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