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Next week…

Next week, as part of our topic and health and wellbeing week, we will be exploring how we can help save the wellbeing of our planet.

In maths next week, we will be rounding numbers and starting to look at written multiplication methods.

Other notes
You’ve all been given your new spelling lists.  Remember that you’ll need to be ready for your next spelling test on Tuesday.

Next week will be Health and Wellbeing Week and there will be opportunities for us to find out about keeping fit and healthy.

We will be voting for our new school councillors on Tuesday. Well done for all your fantastic speeches to the class on Wednesday afternoon!

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  1. Alexander Savkovic (playgroud buddy)

    I really hope I’ll be voted for School Council.

    • Charlie.D

      Mhm, You said a good speech!

    • OSC@R (school council)

      Well done Alexander – you did really well in your speech! I bet the vote was really close! 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  2. Molly

    That all sounds really fun 🙂

  3. Charlie.D

    mhm Maths Seems Great, I Enjoy Rounding.

  4. Elle

    Hi Jamie! I am really looking forward to going to JoRo, it sounds really exciting, I hope you are enjoying secondary school!Have a nice day and keep on blogging to us!:)

  5. ben

    good luck to all school council people

  6. Manon

    I can’t wait until next week! It sounds very fun! 🙂