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Our Class Assembly…

Well done Class 5! We’re feeling so very proud of you all; you performed wonderfully this morning, were incredibly enthusiastic and showed off some magnificent dance moves! Mrs Sellers and I have had a great deal of fun with our A-Z project and it was great to be able to share the super learning you have done this year to the whole school…

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  1. Sara Reply

    I really enjoyed our class assembly!

  2. Charlie Reply

    I really liked our class assembly it was awsome

  3. ben Reply

    I’ve never dressed up that smart before and I’ve never danced so hard.

  4. Mollie Reply

    I loved singing class no 5 and talking about Zig and Zag!

  5. Charlie Reply

    And i enjoyed talking about the world cup and singing to class no 5

  6. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed the class assembly, but I wasn’t to sure about the dance at first but I got use to it

  7. Chelsea and logan Reply

    we thought that it was great and it was fun. 🙂 😉

  8. m@ni Reply

    the class assemblly was awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 I really enjoyed it 🙂 :):):)

  9. Ella Reply

    I enjoyed the dancing most of all probably!

  10. Reuben Pugh Reply

    I enjoyed everything. I felt very proud and special when every one was clapping to our song at the end.

  11. Joseph Williams Reply

    Class/mambo no 5 was really fun and hilarious!

  12. Lucia Reply

    I really liked the Apache when they all laughed at!

  13. sophia Reply

    I loved the class assembely!!
    It was great fun and I liked the power point!!

  14. Stanley Reply

    I found the blogging part very funny especially with ben

  15. Onett Perera Reply

    I loved every single part of our class assembly. Some parts were humorous for example the Apache dance or the rest were just fun to perform.I did M ( M stands for mathematics).

  16. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I was excited and scared at the same time.

    I really enjoyed the dancing and songs.

  17. M@non Reply

    I absoulutly, utterly loved the class assembly.I enjoyed the last song and the dance at the beginging. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  18. Lucas Reply

    I enjoyed the world cup part.

  19. Helen Reply

    I thought that was our best performance yet. I really enjoyed it!

  20. Shannon G. Reply

    I really enjoyed the class assembly especially the Dance right at the beginning and most of all I enjoyed listening to the class assembly!!

  21. Lucy and Joe Reply

    I really enjoyed the class play and our favorite bit was the class no.5 song.It was more exciting showing it to our parents than the practices.The funniest part was the jokes which Joe.W said!We were talking about unbelievable displays and kennings.

  22. Sophie Reply

    I was very nervous at first but then I got used to it and by the time it was my turn to speak I was loving it!! I can even remember my lines off by heart now. I loved the Assembly and I think I will remember the last dance because we did it three times!!

  23. Sara Reply

    I really enjoyed our class assembly and my favorite part was the Apache dance because all of the classes and parents laughed at us.

  24. minnie Reply

    I LOVED the class assembly!!
    I liked the end DANCE.

  25. Harvey Reply

    I was nervraked on stage. My lines are ‘G is for Goldentime now this is one of my favrot things as we get to choos aktivites and you do have alot of fun.’ And ‘We have meny exiting aktivites to play with. Hear are somegsarmples’.

  26. Freddie Reply

    I felt very nervous I did not know what to do for c. :{

  27. Mollie Reply

    I also loved dancing to the Apache song!

  28. betsy Reply

    I enjoyed the assembly and want to do it again! I had lots of lines such as ‘N is for netball in P.E we did one of our favourite sports netball

  29. Sam Salter Reply

    I enjoyed speaking infrount of the school and I can’t wait until next year.

  30. Elle rigby Reply

    I enjoyed the class assembley.

  31. Scarlet Reply

    I enjoyed the assembly and the dancing.

  32. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Well done Class 5 that was an AMAZING class assembly!

  33. mani Reply

    the class assembly was AWESOME the apache was pretty cool as well 🙂 :} 😉

  34. Sara Reply

    I think that the parents and the classes enjoyed our class assembly.
    Because we did lots of funny things.

  35. Mollie Reply

    Every body laughed when we were doing the Apache as it was very funny.

  36. Charlie Reply

    I like dancing :-]

  37. lucy Reply

    I loved the class assembly, i was nervous at the start but i rapidly got used to it

  38. Betsy Leach Reply

    I loved doing the class assembly!

  39. reuben Reply

    Well done everone:)…

  40. Elle Reply


  41. Betsy Leach Reply

    It was so fun!

  42. Lucas Reply

    I enjoyed EVERYTHING in the assembly.(:

  43. stan Reply

    I loved the assembaly.:)

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