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Positive Language Week

What a very positive week we’ve had!  Which of our language activities have you enjoyed the most and which positive words or phrases have you been using?

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  1. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    I enjoyed the making the positive language poster most of all.

    I used ‘ bite your tongue quite a lot, and grit your teeth.

    😉 😀 😛 🙂 😀 😛

  2. Josh G Reply

    i enjoyed doing our bit in the assembly 🙂 I’ve used thank you,please 😉

  3. millie Reply

    I really enjoyed making the poster on THINK before you speak.

  4. Janet and Betsy Reply

    We have both tried to be as polite as possible using many manners, we also loved the idea of a having a positive language book.

  5. Molly Reply

    Decorating the positive language book.

  6. H@rvey Reply

    Today we did the assembly and I thought I did good. 😀

  7. Chelsea and Avalon Reply

    Our favorite activity was when we chose a word on our whiteboards and we could write it on the positive language book. Also the words that we have been using is please and please may I.

  8. Onett and Ben Bran Reply

    Onett Says: Positive Language week has helped me learn that I should THINK before I speak, I will continue to speak nicely.

    Ben Says: The positive language week has really made me THINK before I speak back to my brother in a negative way.

  9. Mollie Reply

    I have used thank you and sorry.

  10. Ben Be and masha Reply

    We enjoyed doing our performance in the assembly

  11. sophia Reply

    i greatly enjoyed the assembly and i learnt alot

  12. Helen Reply

    I used sorry and thank you.Our assembly was great.

  13. louie Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the assembly:) 🙂 !

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