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In Pursuit of Happiness…

What a truly magnificent afternoon, Class 8! From magic tricks to amazing musical performances, smooth dance moves to brilliant poems. Thank you all for creating such a happy classroom. What were your highlights?

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  1. Martha Reply

    My highlight was when we all danced!

  2. Lydia Reply

    One of the best moments was when Barry Mcknopykles stepped onto the dance floor. Nice moves! 🙂 Also, every part of the afternoon was exciting and HAPPY! 😉

  3. jordan Reply


  4. Amira and Ellie Reply

    Barry;the dance move god. We also liked the funky dance off there was at the end! 😀

  5. Darby Reply

    I loved our disco and musical performances, it was realy fun it certainly made me HAPPY!

  6. Caleb Reply

    Barry Mc Nopickles’s epic awesome dancing!! 😀

  7. elly Reply

    my highlight was when every one gathered in a circle and BARRY! did loads of dancing.

  8. Leila Reply

    I thought that Max’s magic tricks made me very happy.

  9. indie Reply

    I really liked it,It was amazing.

  10. Edward Reply

    One of the funniest bits was when Nikoo put on her cd and we all danced along.

  11. Morgan Reply

    The dancing was so fun, and so was every single thing. A special mention to Mr Barry Mcknopikles.

  12. Nikoo Reply

    i loved all of the homework! but i really loved elly singing and katies art work and maxes magic tricks as well! 🙂

  13. huw Reply

    I have had brilliant afternoon looking at everyones homework and toby was rocking the dance floor.

  14. Ailsa Reply

    This afternoon was amazing i especially liked Max’s magic tricks,Happy happiness day!

  15. rudy Reply

    i liked everyone performance my highlights are everything.

  16. Amy Reply

    it was so funny to watch people dace and all sorts of wacky things.

  17. euan Reply

    Myy favorite bit was when indie,amy and eddie did the worm!

  18. ellie Reply

    i loved them all

  19. Katie Reply

    I liked the unexpected worming!!!

  20. indie Reply

    worm crazy in class 8 and Toby rocked the dance floor.

  21. piran Reply

    who would have thought toby’s moves were so cool?

  22. Max.P Reply

    Everybody’s Happy Projects were amazing! Some, like Ellie.D’s laptop presentation and Piran’s happy mirror :D, were really unique. My favourite part of the afternoon was definitely the disco with Nikoo’s music (Toby’s moves were great!).

  23. cameron Reply

    what does the fox say ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma 🙂

  24. Tom Reply

    I liked it all Toby was rocking the dance floor like never before.

  25. Alfie Reply

    I loved all the performances from every one

  26. Lauren Reply

    I have really enjoyed this afternoon. As every body has been dancing or singing. I loved everyone’s dance moves they were really funny.

  27. class4 Reply

    Who on earth is Barry??? Sounds like you’ve all had a fab afternoon!

    Mrs Hearson

  28. Nikoo Reply

    All of it was awesome!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  29. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I loved hearing Ellie singing price tag as we walked into the room!

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