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We started learning about programming yesterday in our computing lesson. We worked with a partner, taking it in turns to be the controller and the robot. We learnt that the robots need to have very precise instructions. What were your favourite parts of the lesson?

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  1. marcus Reply

    I wasn’t in for most of the lesson still really excited about doing some more programing next week because you know I DONT LIKE ROBOTS I LOVE ROBOTS! also check out this cool robot called mip

    • class5 Reply

      I will do, Marcus! You needn’t worry: there is lots more work on programming to come!

  2. Charlotte Reply

    When we got to write instructions for our partner and watch them try to do what you said.

    • class5 Reply

      It really showed that robots like nothing better than precise instructions. It was very impressive to see how much everyone had improved in their ‘programming’ by the end of the lesson.

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