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What does it mean to be British?

Today’s KS2 assembly was about what it means to be British.

We talked about what people here in Britain itself think it means and where different people come from.

We also looked at the values that British people uphold: Tolerance, rule of law, respect, democracy and liberty.

It is pretty tricky to pinpoint what ‘Britishness’ is!

After listening to all of the ideas in assembly, what do children at Park Grove think it means to be British? Do you consider yourself to be British?

– Miss Land


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  1. reuben Reply

    Fish and chips

  2. Ella Reply

    I consider myself English not British. I call myself English because I am from England.

  3. Logan Reply

    fish and chips,football and cups of tea

  4. Sophie Reply

    I think that the Queen is an important representative to being British. Also I think that Big Ben is important part of being British because it is in London, the capital city of England.

  5. Manon Reply

    My mum is french & that is in Brittany so I’m completely British. To be British means to be tolerant & Britain reminds me of the queen & fish & chips

  6. Rosa Reply

    I think I am British Rosa:)

  7. Morgan Reply

    I consider myself Scottish!

  8. class6 Reply

    Felix says: I’m definitely British because most of my relatives come from Britain.

  9. Katarina Reply

    I am half Irish and half Serbian so I consider myself as Irish and Serbian.

  10. class6 Reply

    Freddie says: I’m not British because I come from America, I would say I am maybe half and half. I like being British because I like to go to places I have never been to before in my country. I like the Queen!

  11. Isobel Reply

    I am 1 quarter Scottish,half English & 1 quarter Welsh. I think to be British means to be respectful & helpful.

  12. class6 Reply

    Brooke says: I think I am British because whenever someone needs help, I respect and help them.

  13. class6 Reply

    Georgia says: I think I am British because I respect everything in the classroom and other people.

  14. class6 Reply

    Ellie says: Being British is good because we respect other people. I think about the Queen because she is British!

  15. class6 Reply

    Aaron says: I think I am British because I like fish and chips!

  16. beatrice Reply

    I am a British person. I was born in a British hospital.

  17. class6 Reply

    Shannon says: I think I am British because I respect other people’s opinions.

  18. freya Reply

    I am a tiny bit french.British people are funny,silly and wonderfuLL!

  19. class6 Reply

    Charlie says: I consider myself British because I show respect and tolerance. I think of fish and chips!

  20. Bailey Reply

    german because my dad is half german and Grandad is half German

  21. marcus Reply

    I feel I am quite a mix of different contries here are the different countries I feel I am English Americian Irish Scottish and a bit Spanish but really I am just mostly English

  22. class6 Reply

    Well done to all of the children who have thought about this since the assembly. I have enjoyed reading your ideas about it! From Miss Land.

  23. Lucas Reply

    I’m British because I play a lot of football

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