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Show and tell

Just a reminder that our Show and Tell topic this term is ‘Something I used to do when I was younger.’ Please think about what you would like to bring in and say about this topic. The blue group will be first this week, and the new group lists are up on our class noticeboard. I’m really looking forward to finding out what you’ve decided to share!

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  1. class1 Reply

    We’re talking about that too! I can chat to you in Forest Schools about it when we’re outside.
    Forest Schools…..
    We had a great time outside this week. We finished planting beans in pots for each child in Early Years and we’re going to look after them in our classrooms until they grow a bit more. We’ve placed each bean close to the side of the pot so we see the roots and shoots appear! We started to dig over another bed outside so we have somewhere to plant the seedings when they’re a bit bigger. That was really good fun. What big muscles we have in classes 1 and 2! Sage watched all actvity with interest as usual. We also made a ‘wormery’ which you can come and see in class 1. Hopefully the worms will make tracks in the coloured soil as they go about their business!

    The children are using the Wildlife Area really well in Forest Schools. They take part in the directed activities like the planting and digging but also choose to explore and sketch the flowers and plants or repeat the twig building and other activities which we’ve done using their knowledge along the way.


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