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A-Z Homework

Now our latest homework project is underway, why not let us know which letter of the alphabet you drew out of the hat and which famous person you’ll be researching?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I picked W out of the hat and I picked Kurt Cobain because he was born in Washington state. 😀

  2. huw Reply

    I got U so I going to base my project on Usain Bolt the quickest man in the world

  3. Nikoo Reply

    I got the letter V! So now I have decided to do Vincent Van Gogh!

  4. Cameron Reply

    Because I’v got D I’m doing Daniel Sturridge, who plays for Liverpool, for my homework.

  5. Max.P Reply

    I got the letter A. I was thinking of doing Alan Bean; my mum came up with loads of people from the 70’s that I’ve never heard of.

  6. Alfie Reply

    I drew out G so for my homework i am researching Steven Gerrard.

  7. Leila Reply

    I have the letter K and I am doing the first president of Kenya Mwai Kibaki.

  8. leeo Reply

    i have got P so i might do Jimmy Page or Robert Plant who are out of led zepplin or someone with P in their name out of a good band im just going to do someone out of a band that is musical but someone good

  9. Toby Reply

    I pulled out a H and decided to research Jimmy Hendrix. I can’t wait to show my presentation!

  10. Euan Reply

    I am doing Ronald Walter Mackleworth who was famous in America, Holland and Canada. Also he is my grandad 🙂

  11. Ellie Reply

    I got a Q so i am doing Queen Latifa

  12. Martha Reply

    I got the letter s and I think I might do Steve Backshall.

  13. Lydia Reply

    The letter I picked from the box was B I’m going to research Bruno Mars. 🙂

  14. Amira Reply

    I picked E out of the hat, so I’m going to do my homework on Eminem.

  15. Morgan Reply

    Out of the hat I pulled out the letter z and i’m doing mine about the footballer Zaltan Ibarvinavich

  16. Lauren Reply

    I picked J out of the hat, so I’m going to do my homework on Joey Essex.

  17. Max Rigby Reply

    For my A-Z homework I am doing Rademel Falcoa the famous football player.

  18. devara Reply

    i got the letter X so i am doing the cast of the the Xmen

  19. Morgan Reply

    Who was recantly voted PFA footballer of the year
    A Luis Suravez
    B Eden Hazard
    C Wayne Roony
    D Joe Hart

  20. Ellie.P Reply

    I got the letter E so I’m going to do Eddie Izzard.

  21. Ellie Reply

    I picked the letter o so i’am doing Olly Murs.

  22. Edward Reply

    The letter y took a lot of thinking to connect it to someone but after alot of thought and computer research I came up with Mark Addy, because he was born in Tang Hall, York!

  23. Katie Reply

    I am doing Nick Park because I took out a N.

  24. Amy Reply

    I got an ‘L’ and im going to do Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

    0 0



  25. indie Reply

    I picked a letter F so i am doing Pam Ferris.

  26. Tom Reply

    I am going to research on Taylor Swift for my homework I’ve put a lot of hard work into this 🙂 :]

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