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Story in 500 words

We will be working on stories to enter the Radio 2 writing competition.

Have a look at the details here.


What ideas have you got so far? What is your story going to be about?

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  1. Lewkas Holt Reply

    I will write about my myth,Terror in the River.

  2. Ella Reply

    My story is called the killer whales mouth. It’s about four children who go exploring, get eaten by a killer whale. Well, not actually eaten, but stuck in the killer whales mouth. They go out at night without being allowed they were meant to find something interesting but they found something over exciting.

  3. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    Mine is going to be related to some books called “Rainbow Magic Books”.I’ve already started planning my story.I’m doing chapters in my story but I was thinking of this question.Am I allowed to have chapters in my story.

  4. Sophie Reply

    I know what I’m going to do for my story but I’m going to keep it a secret.

  5. reuben Reply

    My story is good.

  6. Millie: ) Reply

    I can’t print out mine because there is no ink in the computer

  7. Helen Reply

    I loved doing the 500 word story it was really fun.

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