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Topic Enrichment Day

We all had an extremely fun day learning about Aberdeenshire and other counties from different classes! What were your highlights of the day?

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  1. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed topic enrichment day as we got to learn about other counties in England! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Joseph Reply

    It was very fun learning Doric and I learnt how to say would you like a cup of tea and something to eat?

  3. Molly Reply

    the thing i most enjoyed about topic enrichment day was that we got to learn to speack dorric wich was fun and intresting

  4. Ade Reply

    I thought it was interesting having a tour around ks2 classes especially learnig some new facts.

  5. mae Reply

    i really liked making posters on Aberdeenshire.

  6. katy Reply

    I enjoyed everything yet I extremely enjoyed class 6’s morris dancing!Well done class 6!! 🙂

  7. Danny boy Reply

    i loved working in the group i had (all my friends) and learning Doric was epic too !

  8. robby Reply

    Topic Enrichment day was really fun and entertaining. I would really like to do it again because i think it is very exciting.:]:]:]:]

  9. olivia Reply

    I enjoyed it when we went in groups around all the different
    KS2 classes and looked at their work!

  10. Tom.C Reply

    my highlight of the day was when we were making the posters about Aberdeenshire in different groups.

  11. luke Reply

    I found it fun to speak Doric, I cant believe people in Aberdeenshire speak like that 😀

  12. Tomas Reply

    My favorite activity was learning Doric.

  13. Tomas Reply


  14. Abby Reply

    my favorite part of the day was learning Doric and doing the assembly!! 🙂 my favorite word in Doric is doon which is down!! i also enjoyed watching everyone preform!

  15. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed looking at the different classes work and finding out about sports in Aberdeenshire.

  16. mae Reply

    i also liked learning doric as well. i leant to say my boots are muddy-my beets are dubby, it very hot today-its gye warem l’day and many more phrases.

  17. khaiiiiiiiiiiii Reply

    i loved it but know maths noooooooooooooo but it was very fun knowing all of there county’s yaay i went to every class, its nearing sports day, anyway i loved all of it

  18. TTTTomas Reply

    I also enjoyed the moris dancing

  19. Layla Reply

    First I went to class 9 they were learning about Cornwall, then I toured some children about Aberdeenshire showing them our group posters. We also learnt about Doric (sma – small).

  20. Klaudia Reply

    It was a fun enrichment day, and I really enjoyed it. I learnt about lots of people that have been born in Aberdeenshire, and while showing and telling people from different classes what we have been doing , I also learnt lots of other interesting facts about music, sports, and where is Aberdeenshire located. It was also exciting to find out facts about other counties.

  21. Jake Reply

    My favourite activate was going around other classes and looking at what fabulous presentations they had made and I thought it was a very fun day!

  22. Jaimie Reply

    My highlights of the day were probably learning about Doric and visiting the other classes. Even though I am from our chosen county, I have learnt a lot about Aberdeenshire. Here are some Doric words and phrases:

    So foo div ye spik I’Doric? – So how do you speak Doric?
    Bubblyjock – turkey
    Foggy bummer – bumblebee
    Coo/beast – cow

  23. Alex Reply

    I learnt lots of things to do with the sports of Aberdeenshire (I was in the group who did it) and I also learnt lot of other interesting facts from other posters too! For the Doric practices i learnt that they replace the ‘wh’ with ‘f’ phrases I learnt are Aye Aye (Hello) Fan roond is it (who turn is it to buy the drinks) and so much more!

  24. William Reply

    I really enjoyed learning how to speak a brand new language.

    ” A sma crabbit mannie.”

    Guess what this means!

  25. libby Reply

    My highlights were learning to speak Doric (e.g. tricket means delighted) also watching the moris dancers (from class 6) plus watching class 7 singing and many many more :);)

  26. Tom Reply

    I lernd a lot about different counties.

  27. khai Reply

    i love every thing about a topic enrichment day apart from song and poems

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