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Sponsored Bounce…

Yesterday you all took part in our exciting  “Sponsored Bounce” to raise money for new I.C.T equipment. What did you enjoy about this activity?

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  1. Joseph Reply

    I enjoyed bouncing a lot! It was very fun and I got 194 bounces 🙂

  2. luke Reply

    When I was bouncing I felt like I was being pulled down like I was bouncing on Jupiter 😀

    • luke Reply


  3. katy Reply

    I enjoyed the fact that we were having soooooo much fun yet we were raising money for school I.C.T equipment at the same time! 🙂

  4. Tom.C Reply

    I enjoyed bouncing to raise money and i really hope that we’ve raised enough to get some new and improved ICT tech.

  5. Ava Reply

    I enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castles at the end! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Tomas Reply

    The bit I enjoyed the most was jumping around in the bouncy castle.

  7. Layla Reply

    I enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castle, and having the free time 🙂

  8. Molly Reply

    although i did’nt boucne wich was a shame i think you all did very well and bounced alot of times well done

  9. Jaimie Reply

    I loved how it was a unique and individual way to raise money for ICT equipment. Even better, it was super-fun and really got your heart pounding! 🙂 I jumped 140 times!

  10. lucas Reply

    i enjoyed bouncing

  11. khaiiiiiiiiiiii Reply

    i enjoyed it “cause” you get to bounce everywhere it waas fabulous (: (: (: (: (: 🙂

  12. Ade Reply

    The best bit was when they had to time me,Layla and Dylan on the blue bouncy castle.I could not stop laughing when I tripped off.

  13. Alex Reply

    The activity was very energetic and was an amazing experience I enjoy bouncing on the bouncy castles, though i did tumble and fall over a lot I was laugh my head off with happiness! 😀

  14. Jake Reply

    the sponsored bounce was so fun and i hope for great I.C.T equipment 🙂

  15. William Reply

    I got 147 bounces in 180 seconds! I really enjoyed the free bounce at the end where you could just bounce for fun!

  16. mae Reply

    it was really fun. my favorite part was in the free time after even though i kept falling over.

  17. robby Reply

    The sponsored bounce was very fun and exciting and i wish we could do it again because other people enjoyed it and i did to

  18. libby Reply

    I enjoyed it because we got to raise money for school ICT equipment but at the same time have so much fun bouncing on the bouncy castle with your friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Abby Reply

    unfortunately i didn’t bounce but i think that everyone did very well. i look forward to seeing who did the most bounces in class 8!:)

  20. oleg jaworski Reply

    I had 130 bounces which I am not really proud of but at least i got more than Jacob (2nd time i beat him in something) 🙂 🙂 🙂 super happy

  21. Klaudia Reply

    It was very exciting !I bounced 94 times. I was really tired, even thought I saw that some people bounced 160 times or even more !

  22. khai Reply

    i liked it but i ve got a tramp-o-lean at home

  23. Tom Reply

    I bounced 137 times but I could have bounced more but I kept falling over.

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