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Buzzing Bees!

On Wednesday afternoon, Class 8 learnt about inheritance and variation as part of our topic on evolution. The children were asked to draw a family of bees to show these processes in action. It is fair to say the children were buzzing with delight by the end of this session!


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  1. Sophie Reply

    I really enjoyed drawing the bees and it was a fun way to learn.

  2. lucas zareba wynne Reply

    I found that lesson so fun because we got to do art in science

  3. millie rose larbey Reply

    i loved doing this work and talking about what we have in common with our parents.

  4. Sophia Reply

    I loved this session- it was a chance for us to bee(!) really creative. Although it was very educational it was super duper fun to.

  5. Logan clark Reply

    terrible pun Mr Mastrelli 🙂

  6. joe.atkinson Reply

    this lesson was very fun and i learnt that i look alot like my mum and dad

  7. annabelle Reply

    i loved this session it was so much fun 😀 and very arty

  8. Logan clark Reply

    😉 but your pun was punny

  9. Betsy Reply

    I learnt all about evolution and variety, drawing bees has helped me understand it much more though!

  10. Reuben Reply

    I really enjoyed learning about offsprings and drawing bees! 🙂

  11. Ella! Reply


  12. Isidora:) Reply

    I loved this lesson and was certainly buzzing with delight!:0 🙂

  13. Laura Allison Reply

    This piece of work was really good and I hope for more evolution work and Homework on this.

  14. Mollie Reply

    This lesson was really fun; I enjoyed drawing a family of bees!

  15. rosa Reply

    This was cool and fun! 🙂

  16. george Reply

    I loved drawing the differences and similarities of the bees.

  17. jasmine Reply

    I think this was the best science lesson I have ever done!
    I really enjoyed this lesson even though I’m not very good at drawing.

  18. Marcus Reply

    I really enjoyed doing this activity it was allot more fun doing it with bees

  19. annabelle Reply

    im also very happy i got my drawing on the blog 🙂

  20. lucia Reply

    that lesson was fun because you got to draw bees with different facial features:)

  21. Poppy Walker Reply

    This was a real buzzing delight doing this activity because it was art and topic in one the two subjects I love.

  22. Cora Reply

    The work on evolution with bees was rather interesting. You can show evolution with bees more easily than you can with humans. It was also fun.

  23. H@rley N Reply

    I loved that Wednesday afternoon with the ‘BUZZING BEES’ drawing Adult Bee-Mother Bee-Tween Bee-Baby Bee

  24. annabelle Reply

    over all this session was so fun :3

  25. l.allison Reply

    This session is really fun and the bees are super adorable!

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