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Homework Project

For your next homework project, we’d like you to plan a meal using seasonal ingredients (as part of our ‘Save the Planet’ topic). Your project should be presented neatly in a way that can be displayed in our class and could include a straightforward written menu, a recipe, or if you’re feeling adventurous, some photographs of you actually cooking your meal with the adults at home!

You can choose any seasonal ingredients for your meal but some recommendations include apples, blackberries, leeks, parsnips, pumpkins or squash. Your written menus or recipes should be returned to share by Thursday 6th October, please. Happy meal planning!

About the Author
  1. Reuben

    I cant wait for this homework project. I have allready began to do a plan as i am making a retraunt menu. YUM!

  2. Laura Allison

    I really liked this homework project and I baked a pear and ginger cake on Sunday and my relatives came round and ate it.

    Holly Allison says: This is the best cake ever ever.

  3. rosa

    I did some of my homework last night (25/9/16).We made macoroni cheese with pumpkin and sage.I also made a apple and blackberry crumble.

  4. annabelle

    i cant wait to make mine so many choices 😀 i feel happy by having alot of choices .-. to pick from 🙂

  5. Poppy Walker

    I can’t wait for this homework project because I love to cook and design new recipes with my dad.Also I love to use fruit and veg.

  6. joe.atkinson

    i am thinking of doing a menu for my homework or pictures of me making it

  7. Sophie

    I am really looking forward to cooking my meal as I have written it out already!

  8. Cora

    This is turning out to be quite a fun project. I am typing it up and putting photos of pasties and squash. I WISH I COULD EAT THE FOOD DESCRIBED! It’s a good menu!

  9. Ella!

    Yay, okay!

  10. Logan clark

    Im making a stew next week so i can take pictures of me helping my dad to cook it also its a mutton stew were making 🙂 😉

  11. jasmine

    This sounds like a very exciting homework project.